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D&S (Denim&Studs)

  Je pense que ceux qui me suivent depuis pas mal de temps déjà savent que j'aime beaucoup le denim sous pratiquement toutes ses formes et que j'ai aussi la vilaine manie de m'amuser avec des ciseaux, des aiguilles et plus récemment des "studs", des studs vide pas plein car je n'ai pas envie de porter des vêtements qui pèsent un âne mort.
  Et c'est donc tout naturellement que je m'adonne au DIY (Do It Yourself) sur quelques vêtements que je trouve trop banale du coup je les "twiste" façon by Asco, après que mes photos se sois fait un petit voyage à New York elles sont enfin revenue à Paris et dans mon ordi.
Le rendu et plutôt sympa pour un shooting fait en quelques heureset totalement en impro à part pour les tenues.

Débardeur: "Asos"
Veste:"byAsco & Zara"
Jean: "Zara"
Bracelet: "Asos" & "e-Bay US"
Boucle d'oreille: "Asos"
Chapelet: "D&G"
Lunette (de vue):  

Debardeur: "Asos"
Jean: "Zara"
Bracelets: "Asos & e-Bay us"
Boucle d'oreille: "Asos"
Chapelet: "D&G"
Lunette (de vue): 

Thanks à mon photographes qui lance bientôt sont site etc.. En direct de L.A oui, oui, il a la classe un peut beaucoup, je trouve .



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Trip to south of France #1

For the one who don't know and this is means you don't follow me on my Social Media "byasco", I took some time off for a quick trip to South of France and spending some times with my family.

  I also start to take some random pictures, while I wait to do some new shoot here in the South cause there some amazing location to shoot, I decided share some of this random pictures here on a blogpost.

If you wanna follow me daily during my trip and stay in touch with me don't forget my #SocialMedia "byasco" #SnapChat and #Instagram and you can also tweet me on my twitter 

HOLA Barcelona

As you know or not know, I took a 5days break to Barcelona and that was my 1st time in the city.

  Barcelona is such a beauty due to the perfect mix match between the city and the beach, you got that modern high building just next to the beach and the that Gaudi vibes all over the city of Barcelona.

I think my favorite places in Barcelona are the "Plaça Reial", the shopping center "MareMagnum" and I think the best in all Barcelona "La Boqueria". I start to write this blog post to also give you my point of view and the vibes that I felt when I was there.

  The city is DOPE, the shopping center are open from 10AM to 9PM everybody in the store are pretty used to speak English.
On Sundays the big shopping avenue is closed, all the stores are closed and that's something pretty weird... I don't really get it especially for a touristic city,  i think the people there don't really vibe with the tourists I kind of get it by the side eyes you can get so…

Street , Sun and Palm Trees

This past day the weather been wild, winter in Paris and summer vibes in the south of France, since I'm chillin in south of France, I took this opportunities to make some shots out in the sun.

  I had so many new pieces to shoot, I took this chance to have such a blessed weather, for wearing one of my favorite bomber jacket and my Blue Tint Yeezy witch I love, but do to the light color they get dirty really easy but who cares they looks so dope.

  While I'm starting another week of chillaxing here in the south and probably another shoot session coming ... You can follow me daily on my #SocialMedia "byasco" if you like watching some palm trees and some beard and some palm trees and maybe some beard again you can always give me a like or a follow, that's the best way to stay in touch with me .

Hat:"Adidas" Sunglasses:"Balmain" Bomber:"Asos" T-Shirt:"Asos" Sweat Pant:"Forever21" Shoes:"Adidas Yeezy Boost350"