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inspiration #34

Military vibe

You start to know me guys, i'm not that kind of colorful clothing guy ... I basically wear black, white, dark grey (BORING i know) don't ask me why cause don't even know it myself ...

  But this season i don't what happened in the fashion industry probably thanks to Kanye "Yeezy" and his all military pieces, a lots of brand start to drop some clothes in that vibe.

  You know all of the ripped clothes that u pay something like a 100 for a t-shirt with hole in it, well i really like that new shit and i must confess this to you, i kind of like that all khaki military color.

So i found at H&M this sweater and i go cray cray for it, when i first saw it... Bad news i only found it in Small seize and has u can see in the pictures, he's in that kind of loose fit, so i start to run in all Paris for the ExtraSmall ....

And of course i got it.

Cap:"H&M" Sweater:"H&M"

inspiration #33

Winter around the corner .

Xmas is around the corner, the city start to be in the mood, but if xmas is here this is mean winter too ...

  Even it's so cool to get comfy at home with hot tea and some tv show like "Empire" or "American Horror Story" or some oldie but always goodie one like "Charmed" and "Xena The Warrior Princess", or going out and about in the city and see all the xmas light and stuff,  i prefer summer and i don't know sun really work on me.

But with winter come also the perfect time for wearing some big, loose comfy sweater like this u can gain some xmas party weight and nobody gonna see that ;) and some cute beanie i just saw some really xmassy on Asos... Who's up for a beanies shoot HAHA ...

And yes i'm not used to that kind of shoot with all that clothes, but i don't i really got a crush on this xmassy sweater, problem is i don't remember the brand but it's xmas time so u can find that kind of sweater everywhere.


inspiration #32

insipiration #31

#AscoTakingLondon Vlog day 3

It's time to say really bye, bye to London City... U know having all this vlogs to edit it's like u don't really leave the city, but now ...
Here comes the last day in London, just a lil more shopping on Oxford Street, a lil fish and chips even if i'm so into healthy lifestyle and food i had to have one, in a pretty and comfy restaurant on Carnaby Street (my favorite place in London i guess)... But i can't wait to discover some other cool and inspiring place.
And it comes also time to take the train back to Paris witch is cool too but London really got me and i can't wait to back in town ;D.
Kiss and Glam.

#AscoTakingLondon Vlog day 2

Here we are pimp's and girl's DAY 2 in London city, we hit the basic tourist stuff the 1st part of the day and we ended up in Camden town and Oxford for some more shopping hehehe.
I must confess that i love Camden and the vibe of this part of London, but my real crush coming on the next vlog.

#AscoTakingLondon Vlog day 1

Here we are, my 1st day in London City, of course i make a lil mistake on the date it was "Saturday 17/10/2015" and not "Saturday 18/10/15". Sorry about this lil problem pimp's and girl's.

#AscoTakingLondon (part1)

Okay first thing first and shame on me  i guess, this is my 1st time to London City, and i have to say, that London vibe got me, the peoples used to tell me "u gonna love London etc..." AND Yassssss I LOVE IT.
So i make a 3days trip (not enough for me) to England for shopping, and enjoy the city, so i make the basics like Oxford street, Camden, Canaby and more... Of course i play Mr Tourist cause the city is really amazing and colorfull. 
Damn i love it so much, all that color popin out just around the corner that's so cool .
But i guess it's time to stop talking that much and let some pictures speak for me, stay turned cause my #AscoTakingLondon Vlog gonna com this week or next

KEEP AN EYE. Kiss and Glam.