work it out... work it out... #BITCH

9:44 PM

You pimp's and gril's start to know me now, i'm a huge fan of all this healthy lifestyle and stuff, i try to hit the gym, something like 3 days a week.

  And i just realize this past days, that i never make a shoot of a gym outfit, so as my favorite mister photographer back from one of his trips (i don't know where) we decided to take some pictures in one of my favorite workout outifits.

   As all of you know, everybody is so into detox stuff, detox water, detox food, detox tea and more... So I always keep in my fridge one or two bottles of detox water, like this I can grab it and go.

I really make a simple detox water, only some slices of lemons, oranges and sometimes so fresh mint.

Cap "H&M"
Tank top: "New Look" 
Short: "Celio"
Detox bottle: "Blogilates"
Earrings: "Konov jewelry"


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