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work it out... work it out... #BITCH

You pimp's and gril's start to know me now, i'm a huge fan of all this healthy lifestyle and stuff, i try to hit the gym, something like 3 days a week.

  And i just realize this past days, that i never make a shoot of a gym outfit, so as my favorite mister photographer back from one of his trips (i don't know where) we decided to take some pictures in one of my favorite workout outifits.

   As all of you know, everybody is so into detox stuff, detox water, detox food, detox tea and more... So I always keep in my fridge one or two bottles of detox water, like this I can grab it and go.

I really make a simple detox water, only some slices of lemons, oranges and sometimes so fresh mint.

Cap "H&M"
Tank top: "New Look" 
Short: "Celio"
Detox bottle: "Blogilates"
Earrings: "Konov jewelry"



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inspiration #49

Trip to south of France #1

For the one who don't know and this is means you don't follow me on my Social Media "byasco", I took some time off for a quick trip to South of France and spending some times with my family.

  I also start to take some random pictures, while I wait to do some new shoot here in the South cause there some amazing location to shoot, I decided share some of this random pictures here on a blogpost.

If you wanna follow me daily during my trip and stay in touch with me don't forget my #SocialMedia "byasco" #SnapChat and #Instagram and you can also tweet me on my twitter 

HOLA Barcelona

As you know or not know, I took a 5days break to Barcelona and that was my 1st time in the city.

  Barcelona is such a beauty due to the perfect mix match between the city and the beach, you got that modern high building just next to the beach and the that Gaudi vibes all over the city of Barcelona.

I think my favorite places in Barcelona are the "Plaça Reial", the shopping center "MareMagnum" and I think the best in all Barcelona "La Boqueria". I start to write this blog post to also give you my point of view and the vibes that I felt when I was there.

  The city is DOPE, the shopping center are open from 10AM to 9PM everybody in the store are pretty used to speak English.
On Sundays the big shopping avenue is closed, all the stores are closed and that's something pretty weird... I don't really get it especially for a touristic city,  i think the people there don't really vibe with the tourists I kind of get it by the side eyes you can get so…