beep-beep, bitch move

7:53 PM

  Okay, if you pimp's and girl's follow since a lil while u totally know how much i got a sick obsession for Madonna, everything this woman do is perfection for me, so i decided to get some inspiration by her last amazing video "Bitch i'm Madonna".

  I try to do a new way for OOTD, hope u gonna like this new shit on the blog, i think it's cool sometimes to ad some different vibes on what i do for u, i had so much fun shooting this video and i'm gonna do it again really soon, it's totally so cool.

Cap: "Cheap Monday"
Tank top: "Asos" 
Necklace:"American Vintage"
Denim Top: "Zara" 
Sunglases: "Celio"
Lenses: "Desio Desert Dream"  
Earrings: "Konov jewelry"

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