summer in #Paris

8:53 PM

Summer in Paris, is like... Well, like a roller coster, you can breakfast under the rain, chilling for lunch with hot sun and got your chai tea soja latte in a cool fresh evening...

  So for all of this reason, i dress the part, with a really messy mix clothing, inspired by one of my new sick obsession "Looking" and i have to confess my lil crush for "Augustin"...

U know me pimp's and girl's, give some perfecto, so denim and high boots and i'm done, ad to this some cross or some fingerless gloves and i marry you. ;)

Perfecto: "H&M"
Tank top: "H&M" 
Short: "Zara"
Boots: "Zara"
Necklace:"Top Shop"
Bracelets: "Asos, Reclaimed Vintage, Celio"
Earrings: "Konov jewelry"

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