Disney land day ...

8:47 AM

So just before I've been going on holiday for some time off, Bae and decided to take a day of fun in "Disney Land Paris" chilling, having fun and of course being a child again... 

Well, at the end is that Disney made for, forgetting about adult life, problem, bills and stuff, and just for a day being a kid again and thinking that everything is simple as singing with tea pot, chandelier and fish under the sea, right pimp's and girls ;D

So of course i take my lil camera with me for sharing with you some part of my day in the park, thank god the sun was out and the park was amazing, with just too much people boring ... 

Cap: "H&M"
Tank top: "H&M" 
Back Pack: "Bershaka" 

And here we go ... 

Welcome to Disney Land

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