Sep 7, 2015

cool 4 the fall

Back on track, holiday is over, fall is coming and xmas is right in the corner, soo it's time to say bye bye to summer, to the tank top and other summerly things...

Thank god the weather in Paris is pretty cool this past days, so it's the perfect occasion for making the transition between summer and fall more cool, it's time to be "cool 4 the fall"...

BTW u better follow me on instagram for some backstage picture of this shoot .... #GetNaked #BitchIMAsco .

Cap: "H&M"
Tank: "Undiz"
Shirt: "H&M"
Jean: "H&M"
Sunnies: "Bershka"
Earrings: "Konov jewelry"

let me know :

Andrew said...

U're so not made for Paris u totally got a LA or Miami vibe

Asco ft said...

OMG thank you so much, you not the 1st to notice that, and i'm agree i will die for living in LA but America it's a pretty hard country to live in when you com from EU



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