pink gold on sunnies

12:11 PM

You know me pimp's and girl's, i've always loved sunglasses probably the fact of growing up with Anastacia affected me hahah.
So since i wear lenses this passion for sunnies start to grow in a scandalous way, but enough life bitching let's start with the real deal of this new blogpost and by real deal i mean this new babe right here in black and pink gold.

Since Apple drop iPhone6S in pink gold it seems everything turning into that color and thanks to i now add a pair of sunnies witch i can't wait to wear for spring and summer of course, but while we waiting for this season com i guess i'm gonna wear them on shoot and stuff.

So here we go with a little sneak peak of what this sunnies look like.

kiss and glam pimp's and girl's.

Sunnies: "SpitFire "

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