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inspiration #34

Military vibe

You start to know me guys, i'm not that kind of colorful clothing guy ... I basically wear black, white, dark grey (BORING i know) don't ask me why cause don't even know it myself ...

  But this season i don't what happened in the fashion industry probably thanks to Kanye "Yeezy" and his all military pieces, a lots of brand start to drop some clothes in that vibe.

  You know all of the ripped clothes that u pay something like a 100 for a t-shirt with hole in it, well i really like that new shit and i must confess this to you, i kind of like that all khaki military color.

So i found at H&M this sweater and i go cray cray for it, when i first saw it... Bad news i only found it in Small seize and has u can see in the pictures, he's in that kind of loose fit, so i start to run in all Paris for the ExtraSmall ....

And of course i got it.

Cap:"H&M" Sweater:"H&M"