AscObsession #1

8:44 PM

Khaki vibes obsession, i mean i don't know what the hell is happening with me, but i'm obsess with that color, if you know me a little you should know that i'm not a color person for clothes, it's very rare for me to like color, i always go for black, grey, deep grey etc...

  But this season i go cray cray for khaki, sweater, t-shirt, sweatpants and more i love every piece of clothes in that color...

I only hope that new khaki vibes gonna stay in for some time and not just for some months... Wait and see.

Long Sleeves T-Shirt: "Celio"
Sweater: "H&M"
T-Shirt: "Bershka"
SweatPants: "Bershka"

Pink gold vibes obsession, so as we all know since "Apple" launch his new "iPhone 6 S" in the color pink gold, i feel like everybody go crazy for pink gold.

  Everywhere you go you see pink gold, specially in furniture store, i'm not saying that my all appartement is pink gold, com on it's kind of too girly for me, but i like to ad some touch of pink gold, cause my living room got a white, wood and gold vibes so some touch fits perfectly in it.

Since Khloé Kardashian staring the cover of "Complex Magazine" with that amazing hot, sexy and glam photoshoot, i have to confess that i got a crush on Koko .

  So it's obvious, i had to got his book "Strong Looks Better Naked", it' a totally different way from "Selfish" by "Kim Kardashian", but for everybody who have or used to have some problem with body image, with confidence and stuff like that, you better have a look on that book and the stunning photoshoot inside .

Okay here we are with my last obsession of the moment and we stay with the Kardashian fam, we all know about the app and of course "THE APP OF 2015" "Kimoji", i'm totally crazy about this app, i even create a file on my iPhone,  


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