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inspiration #37

Long fit mix up

This past months i'm getting kind of crazy for that long fit sweater jacket vibes, so of course i like to play with a lot and i like also buying a lot (bye the way i saw another one at "Bershka" i think this lil' babe need to hang out with his friend in my closet).
I wear it with denim jacket on, or with my perfecto on or as i try recently, with a no sleeves perfecto.

I was not really sure of what all of this mix up gonna look like... But i have to confess that i really like the result, of course i wear it with no t-shirt or tank top for the shoot.

But if i had to wear that look for a daily routine (something that i'm totally gonna do) i put something under of course... I'm not that crazy.

And don't forget spring is around the corner so it's time to start saying bye bye to winter clothes ( YASSSSSS Bitch YASSSSSSS)

Cap:"H&M" Glasses:"Balmain by H&M" No Sleeves Perfecto:"Zara" Long Fit Sweater Jacket:"Bershka&q…