AscObsession #2

11:16 PM

OMG here we are for another blogpost about my currently obsession... I'm so obsess with so many thing i'don't even know from where i can start.

Let's talk about selfies, we all love taking selfies even if we're not Kim Kardashian, we love sharing our look, our face our precious moment with our loved one, so what a better way to do this... A selfie and of course.

  These 2 iPhone 6 cases are my currently obsession, too bad i can't put them both on my phone. I mean the 1st is totally for bad mood day and also cause it's my motto "Good vibes only" and we all know that drama and bad vibes are so popular on internet #LAME

My 2nd case obsession is this beauty here my , this case is so perfect for selfie, skype session, FaceTime and video selfies (#SnapChatAddicted) that warm light make you look so on fleek or as Lumee say "Lit by Light". Okay the case is a little high price, kind of the same price of an official "Apple" case except that Lumee really worth the monney 

Can't stop playing this album, at home, on my way to shoot, work and everywhere i go, i'm so in love.  
ANTI by Rihanna is amazing, she made an artistic, personal and uncommercial ALBUM thanks Riri totally an ANTI vibes keep doing it that way u got it.

Can't wait to see ANTI World Tour. 

I know, i know this one is kind of an oldie one, but don't ask me why i'm totally obsess with "Irreplaceable" by "Beyoncé". It's easy i only play "ANTI" "Irreplaceable" and "Formation"...

"Beyoncé" "Irreplaceable"

Okay i know i already put this one before on my last "AscObsession" but since Kim Kardashian make an update on "Kimoji" app, i'm getting even more obsess with it, my mom, babe, my best friend, my co-worker/friend everybody get Kimoji when we're texting. 

So here we are again on this new "AscObsession" with my favorite app... Kimoji <3 

As i told it at the beginning of this new "AscObsession" i'm obsess with so many many things that u better get an eye on here really often pimp's and girl's ...

Kiss and Glam.

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