Khaki vibes

9:57 PM

In one of my AscObsession i told you guys how i was currently obsess with khaki color, i don't know why but the fact of seeing this color everywhere make me totally cray cray about it.

  Of course i never go for a total khaki look, cause there too many different shade of it, but i really like mixing some pieces with black, nude and soon with some "Oxford Tan" color ...

  I can't wait to show you in one of my next blogpost some of my go to OOTD i used to wear all the time during my family vacay, easy, comfy that's what we looking for when we're in vacay.

Cap: "H&M"
T-Shirt: "H&M"
Long Fit Sweater Jacket: "Forever21"
Jeans: "H&M"
Rings: "Reclaimed Vintage" & "ASOS"
Earring: "KONOV"

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