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8:59 AM

You pimp's and girl's know that 3 weeks ago i take some time off in a family vacay.

  When it's about vacay i like going really easy and comfy i try to bring with me some piece who can really pop out my outfit so like this i don't have to over dress.

  Just before going out of town, i treat myself with a lil shopping session in one of my favorite brand i'm really into "Bershka" vibes for the moment, i found this amazing biker vibes perfecto, kind of oversize perfect for winter cause you can totally wear something thicker under and be warm.

  All the different little  details make it a really nice piece who don't need so much for making your outfit poping.

Cap: "H&M"
Tank Top: "David Beckham"
Biker Perfecto: "Bershka"
Jeans: "H&M"

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