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Ultimate Collection tour memory

Cause you know i love sharing, i'm gonna share some of my memory from an amazing and beautifull night at the #UltimateCollectionTour by Anastacia .

  Great music, amazing live voice by the sweetest woman in the world, Anastacia is all about giving, giving love, giving emotions, i can't wait to see this lady back in town and who know maybe for another MG #AscoMeetAnastacia .

Kiss and Glam.

And the last here my MG picture with the lovely lady ... 
all picture and video are by myself if you use it please credit me at least. 

inspiration #39

My teddy (not bear) .

These past months it's all about bomber jacket or teddy vibes, i'm still looking for that perfect bomber jacket still don't know...

  Should i go for a khaki bomber (who know how long khaki gonna stay trend) or maybe just go for an eternal black one ... Or maybe go for both.

  Who know ... well you, cause when i'm gonna get one i will share, i share everything with you my pimp's and girl's. But anyway some days ago i decided to shoot this lil teddy, totally forgot about him until last week end for the shoot.

  With the coming of sun ... Or at least i hope spring gonna com to Paris, i thought the moment would be perfect to shoot some kind of spring OOTD even if you don't really know how to dress this past weeks in Paris.

Cap:"H&M" Tank Top:"David Beckham" Teddy Jacket:"H&M" Jeans:"Pull & Bear" Lenses:"Desio Lens (desert dream)"