May 27, 2016

Ripped on London street

It's always such a big deal for me when i go on a trip, i don't like carrying so much with me, but at the same time i like having my all closet with me ... #DealOfMyLife

I've decided to take with me only one denim jacket instead of 3, okay i take with me the ripped one.
So i had to buy another jacket, because ripped, bleach, denim jacket don't fit with everything.

But anyway i thought it was the perfect time to shoot my denim jacket in the location of Paddington London where we had our lil appartement for one week, everything is so pretty in this loca and soo instagrammable (i don't even know if this words exist but who cares you get the point).

Don't forget to stay so turned on here, because some other #AscoTakingLondon blogpost are on the way.

Kiss and Glam my pimp's and girl's.

Cap: "Delaveine"
Sunglasses: "SpitFire"
T-Shirt: "Zara"
Denim Jacket: "Zara"

let me know :

Elodie Luis said...

We share the same deal haha but I always end up with taking a thousand suitcases with me ...
By the way I love your style ;)

The Little Fashionette

Asco ft said...

@ElodieLuis ooo thank you, i try hard to not taking to much suitcases, cause i hate caring, in case you late for the train u can't run really easy HAHAH

Kiss and Glam



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