Yeezy printed sweater

10:52 AM

Y'all know how i'm crazy about my Yeezy Boost, some months ago, while i was shopping for nothing in particular, i found this spring sweater and i don't know for you, but since i saw the print, it remind me the Yeezy Boost TurtleDove.

  Anyway all of this lil story for telling you that i love this new spring sweater and i think i'm taking him with me on my trip to London, i have to start deciding what i'm gonna bring with me.

Not to much clothes of course, because when you say London, you tell shopping ... So i have to travel with a half empty suitcase ...  Okay let's stop talking.

Kiss and Glam my pimp's and girl's

Cap: "Delaveine"
Sunglasses: "SpitFire"
Sweater: "H&M"

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