#AscoTakingLondon ... shopping vibes

3:53 PM

  Here we are again, for another #AscoTakingLondon this time let's go to the most famous shopping street "Oxford"/ "Piccadilly Circus" and shopping center "Westfield Stratford"

I guess we hit this streets everyday for a week and you gonna need a week if you wanna have walk on the entire street, well and you also gonna need a nice bank account ... For Westfield we only go to this amazing mal twice, cause it was a lil far away from our area .

I guess pictures and videos speak better than me, we hit some amazing "Disney Store" on #OxfordStreet and #Westfield, on #PiccadillyCircus you can found a 5 floor toy store, with so many amazing items for die hard fan of #HarryPotter #GameOfThrones and #TheHobbit.

Enough speaking let's go with some picture and video.

Kiss and Glam.

Picadilly Circus

Oxford Street

Picadilly Circus

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