Ripped again on a London street

10:16 AM

Here we are my pimp's and girl's the 2nd part of my London shoot.

  I take off my denim jacket and just wear this over over seize t shirt, witch i love, all that destroyed vibe is totally for me, i decided to keep the outfit simple, raw denim and oxford tan Yeezy i mean oxford tan color match so well with khaki .

The weather was so good for an outside shoot, i really like that London vacay and i can't wait to go back.

  Still keep an eye on here cause i got 1 or 2 other BlogPost about #AscoTakingLondon (yeah i know so much London this past time), but don't worry cause i'm on another #AscObsession i know you pimp's and girl's like it and i got so many new obsession .

Kiss and Glam...

Cap: "Delaveine"
Sunglasses: "SpitFire"
T-Shirt: "Zara"
Jean: "Celio"
Shoes: "Yeezy OxfordTan"

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