Aug 14, 2016

Tan vibe

You guys know how i'm obsessed with that tan color, i mean since i got my yeezy in the "Oxford Tan" color i had to get some t shirt, some pants even so sheets (i know i go a lil cray cray about tan color) .

  Recently i had a new piece from "Bershka" new collection, a long fit jacket and i confess i'm obsessed with, can't wait for the weather to getting colder here in Paris and wearing it around .

For the shoot i choose to wear this jacket in a full "tan color" outfit and to wear my "Yeezus" cap another thing i'm so in to "Yeezus" "Pablo" merch i need to get that bleached denim jacket with "Pablo" writing on the back ... But this is another blogpost .

Cap: "Yeezus"
T-Shirt: "H&M"
Jacket: "Bershka"

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