last summer vibes

10:37 AM

  I guess it's time, it's time to really say bye bye to summer's look ... It's gonna be time for perfecto, denim jackets, high boots and all that cosy cool things we are doing for #ChillAx on fall winter day off .

But for now i decided to shoot my go to look during sunny day or during my last summer vacay, easy comfy and not to much cause it's hot, it's sunny and it's vacay so you don't really over dressed right ?

  And as i'm writing this new blogpost i'm already thinking about what i'm gonna shoot in the next days, cause the weather here in Paris jump from summer to deep fall, so it's time to shoot some cool fall / winter OOTD .

Cap: "H&M"
Tank Top: "Bershka"
Pants: "Celio"
Bandana: "Ebay"

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