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Still in that tan mood ...

I think you got it guys, i'm obsessed with #OxfordTan color, i mean since my Yeezy, i start collecting Tan, Nude and color in that mood .

I got a serious problem cause, each time i get obsessed with something i have to start collecting, like the marble, the khaki ... The Yeezy's, PLEASE call the Doctor ...

  On a more serious note, i'm so in love of this new #Asos piece that i ad to my closet, it's between a sleeveless t-shirt and a t-shirt because it's so oversize.
  Of course so comfy to wear but i have to wear it with a tight pants on, cause i don't feel like wearing it with some sweat-pants or stuff like that, oversize everywhere not a good match for me, i mean you work for that body so you have to show some (RIGHT ;) .

Cap:"Yeezus" Tank Top:"Asos" Pants:"H&M" Watch:"Bershka" Scraf:"Bershka"
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