AscObsession #7

2:31 PM

Currently playing, "Relic Run" this game obsessed me so much, i'm a die hard fan of "Lara Croft, Tomb Raider" so i don't need to know more for being obsessed with .

Watching "RuPaul Drag Race", i know, i know this is old news for you but for me it's an all new world, it takes me a while to start watching "RuPaul Drag Race" but i'm now so obsessed with all the season. 
  Everything in this show is DragTastic, dress, hair, make-up and of course RuPaul OMG .

My iPhone7 MatteBlack in 128GO, i can't be more addicted to this new phone, the camera is pretty dope, that new #MatteBlack color is everything and 128GO YASS .

Listening kind of on repeat "Starboy" by "The WeekEnd" i mean this song is everything, the video with that big light/neon cross LOVE, I'm jaming on it on #SnapChat and you don't wanna miss it. 
  So you better ad me on ;) (byasco on #SnapChat)

Kiss and Glam.

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