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The morning after ... #SlumberParty

This music video bring back so many memory... 
  I mean who never wake up after that big party "Slumber Party" where you got a bunch of naked guys and girls around you and the only thing you can find on the floor is a shirt, some sunglasses, and a pair of underwear ( HI THERE ) . 
  And when you finally made it to your phone it's already write on the case "LIT" , you smile and think YASSS i nailed that "Slumber Party" ... That the vibes i feel when i saw the video and that was the mood of this shoot, hope you my pimp's and girl's like that vibes and let's put together a "Slumber Party" ...
And of course if you follow me on #Instagram "byasco" you will see some extra #SlumberParty picture ... 

Cap:"H&M" Shirt:"H&M" Underwear:"Happy Socks"" Watch:"Bershka" Sunglasses:"Carrera" Necklace:"..."

inspiration #44