Damn B***h #KhloéKardashian

8:03 PM

What a better way to start a new type of blogpost on here, with the so INSPIRATIONAL Khloé Kardashian ....

  I mean from #SnapChat to #Instagram and Official App, Khloé is such an inspiration on so many level, workout, home decoration , life style, diet and so much more .

It's not just about the trend of the Kardashians, for me is a little bit more of this, i don't know, maybe because i had the same weight journey and i think that in a certain way Khloé Kardashian help me to stay motivated and pushing the workout session to the wild point, all the little trick she share on the app really can give you some nice idea, of course we all know it's just business sometimes but i think we all have also our own judgement so let's take what is good for us and not say AMEN to everything .

It's for all of this wild stuff i make the decision to put Koko on my 1st "Damn Bitch" blogpost .

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