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Some street style in Paris street

So it's been 20 days, but I think it's time for me now to be back, I mean it's time for blogging, shooting, collab and all the amazing things I'm able to do with blogging and social media world .

  And what a better way to be back on Social Media with a shoot in Paris street, nothing to promote, nothing to show in particular, it's just a casual OOTD I'm feel comfy in.

  Remember the time when we only blogging for the pleasure to share some pictures and some outfit ideas and not for promoting and being paid for showing something that we didn't care 5mins after we shoot with it ... CHILLAX I'M JOKING .

  As the people who are following me on Social Media noticed I growing out my beard and I had to wait some month to get what I think is a good looking beard ... But I'm still in the process ...

  AND don't forget to check some more pictures and some more DailyLife chronicles ad me on my Social Media SnapChat and on the Gram FOR MY SOCIAL MEDIA HAVE…

inspiration #50

inspiration #49

Summer vibes in Montmartre

One of my favorite spot in Paris is probably Montmartre,
when you go there for a walk, you got that feeling that you're not even in Paris anymore, it's like you made your way to a small village, where everything is so peaceful and every street corner is full of south french charme .

It's so obvious for me to have my apartment near this location, so when I wanna strike so poses in da "perfect lil blogger/influencer" mood I go there, even if I'm way more confortable being in a studio with white background, make up artist and a lot of photoshop and filter ;D .

  But at the end I think is cool to give to my pictures another vibe than my usual one and I must confess that is way more beautiful to be in location like Montmartre ...

Hat:"Primark London" TankTop:"Forever21" Jean:"Celio" Glasses:"H&M" Shoes:"Vans you can have them on clicking in me ShopMyFavs section"

Yellow Vision mood ...

I've been looking for this kind of glasses since the last summer.

I really like this vintage vibe going in the trend this past few months and I like taking all the different ideas you can see on social media or on fashion show and get inspired by them for creating my own vision and my own style.

I love how the shoot comes out and the way we touch the pictures give such an oldie vision of the look and I like it . I'm so into this old/VHS picture effect, the vintage bring me some amazing childhood memory of some  family moment we used to watch on VHS.

Dad Hat:"ASOS" TankTop:"Forever21" Shirt:"H&M" Glasses:"ASOS woman section"
I also got some BTS pictures where you can see how I keep my #SocialMediaLife LIT it's because I always have on my phone my beloved LUMEE DUO for iPhone7Plus you can of course shop some amazing Lumee case just here --->

inspiration #48

Escapade in Montmartre

It's sunday, it's a pretty sunny day, so let's go for a shoot but not for me i'm not playing model today #NotTodaySatan .
  The shoot was LIT we found some nice and lovely streets in MontMartre witch is one of my favorite place in Paris, when you go there it's like you're not in Paris anymore, i got the same feeling with Versailles .
But you know me my pimp's and girl's, when i got a camera in my hand i can't deal with it i need to take some shoots and i have to share with you my #GoTo look for this #SundayFundaySunnyDay ...

Dad Hat:"ASOS" TankTop:"Forever21" Bomber:"Celio" Jean:"Celio" retouche in Skinny fit Sneakers:"Yeezy Boost350 V2" Lenses:"Desio Lenses Desert Dream color"

Traveling Vibes

I don't know for you, but i like being comfy while i'm on my way for a vacay specially when the traveling process is taking hours.

  So i grab a fited sweatpants a tank top (yes because sometime it's kind of hot) everything styled with some of my Yeezy Boost350 V2 and a bomber jacket of a perfecto depend on the weather .

As i always traveling in the morning i don't feel to do my hair so best choice is some "dad hats" and since i got it i only wear my "Yeezus" dad hat, thank god some more coming .

Cap:"Yeezus" TankTop:"Forever21" SweatPants:"Celio" Bracelets:"River Island" "Reclaimed Vintage" Sunglasses:"Vans"