Escapade in Montmartre

8:30 PM

It's sunday, it's a pretty sunny day, so let's go for a shoot but not for me i'm not playing model today #NotTodaySatan .

  The shoot was LIT we found some nice and lovely streets in MontMartre witch is one of my favorite place in Paris, when you go there it's like you're not in Paris anymore, i got the same feeling with Versailles .

But you know me my pimp's and girl's, when i got a camera in my hand i can't deal with it i need to take some shoots and i have to share with you my #GoTo look for this #SundayFundaySunnyDay ...

Dad Hat: "ASOS"
TankTop: "Forever21"
Bomber: "Celio"
Jean: "Celio" retouche in Skinny fit
Sneakers: "Yeezy Boost350 V2"

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