Summer vibes in Montmartre

4:58 AM

  One of my favorite spot in Paris is probably Montmartre,
when you go there for a walk, you got that feeling that you're not even in Paris anymore, it's like you made your way to a small village, where everything is so peaceful and every street corner is full of south french charme .

It's so obvious for me to have my apartment near this location, so when I wanna strike so poses in da "perfect lil blogger/influencer" mood I go there, even if I'm way more confortable being in a studio with white background, make up artist and a lot of photoshop and filter ;D .

  But at the end I think is cool to give to my pictures another vibe than my usual one and I must confess that is way more beautiful to be in location like Montmartre ...

Hat: "Primark London"
TankTop: "Forever21"
Jean: "Celio"
Glasses: "H&M"

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