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Freezing vibes ❄️

The weather two weeks ago been so crazy, feel like the winter was really here, snow, ice and negative temperature ...

  All of this make me wanna wear some "winter clothes" actually for me it mean thicker bomber jacket, beanie and scarf ... That's all when I talk about winter clothes 🤦‍♂️ .

You know me right ... And for the one who don't know me and are new here, you have to know guys that I'm obsessed with MontMartre in Paris that's one of my favorite spot, for shooting and having a nice walk, this place make me feel like i'm being totally out of Paris.

  There so many nice and good picture spot there, it seems like there always a new street corner of a new place to find and take picture in, even if the temperature were so freezing I really enjoy having a nice walk in MontMartre ....